Meet Matt Hood. The human behind Resonate. Website designer/developer. Former Australian Rugby 7s player. Creating for brands that serve athletes.

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7 years ago I was studying full-time at uni and training every day for rugby. My workload and schedule made it hard to commit to your standard hospo gig. So I was always looking for super flexible work to get me by.

I scrolled the jobs list on Gumtree weekly. And one day found an ad from a local Pilates studio. The owner was looking for a marketing student to help with “marketing ideas” for $25 an hour. Bingo.

I reached out and ended up doing a bit of work for her. With zero experience I can't imagine my "marketing ideas" were very helpful. But after a couple of weeks, she asked if I knew how to build a website. And with no idea but a truckload of groundless self confidence, I said yes. And it went from there.

Courses, Youtube and dozens of websites later, I’ve come a long way since that first website.

My experience as an athlete and obsession with sports means I can provide the most value to brands who serve athletes. I understand the audience. The mindset. The drivers. And they’re the projects I love working on most.

I value building long term client relationships as much as I value doing great work.

I’d love to chat about how I can help your brand.

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